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โครงการการศึกษาสีเขียว สู่มาตรฐานสากลอาเซี่ยน 2016(Green Education Project for ASEAN Community 2016)
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How to participate in Green Country Project

12. How to participate

To "uniting the hearts to plant 984 million trees to create the green country" with the Green Country Project as follows;

12.1 inform the number of plant seedlings of various types of plants planted in any area both in Thailand and in many countries around the world by simply expressing the intention of "uniting our hearts to plant 984 million trees to create the green country" with the Green Country Project.

12.2 Provide fast-growing perennial plant seedlings of all kinds of perennial plants including alternative energy plant seedlings for the Green Country Project to distribute to the public or various agencies who are interested in planting by themselves or in conjunction with the Green Country Project.

12.3 Support the budget or expenses to prepare and provide fast-growing perennial plant seedlings and various types of perennial plant seedlings according to the needs of supporters to distribute to the public or various agencies for growing by yourself or do activities with the Green Country Project.

12.4 Receive plant seedlings from the Green Country Project to carry out planting in their own area or various departments.

12.5 Support areas for planting trees as follows;

12.5.1 Provide area for the Green Country Project.

12.5.2 Give the area to the Green Country Project for tree planting. However, the sponsor still owns the land.
12.5.3 Deliver an area by giving the ownership of the land to the Green Country Project to be used for planting trees for convenience in the process of maintaining the trees to grow and persist.

13. Budget support method (according to participation method No. 12.3)

By transferring money to bank account or supporting a check on behalf of the Green Country Project only.

Account Name: Green Country Project

Bangkok Bank (Savings Account) Sukhapiban 3 Bueng Kum Branch Account 056-0-487761
Kasikorn Bank (Savings Account) Sukhapiban 3 Bueng Kum Branch

Account 735-2-74578-7

Siam Commercial Bank (Savings Account) Tops Sukhapiban 3 Branch

Account 268-2-08813-3

Krung Thai Bank (Savings Account) Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 Branch

Account 983-0-75140-6

14. Public Relations

14.1 Creating a website for the Green Country Project under the name of website: www.greencountry984.com to publicize information about the project to the participants to support the project.

14.2 Preparing a video introducing the project to publicize and implement various activities of the project.

14.3 Preparing documents to introduce and publicize the project to agencies, organizations and the general public to acknowledge the cooperation to do good deeds.

14.4 The project receives support and public relations from agencies in both the public and private sectors through various media such as television, radio and internet media, etc.

15. Budget and activities

Used the budget until the completion of the project (December 5, 2017) in the amount of 18,000,000,000 baht by dividing the operational period into 3 phases:

Phase 1

Within December 5, 2016 - December 5, 2018, campaign and plant 164 million trees to increase the green area of ​​1,640,000 rai.

Phase 2 Within December 5, 2020, campaign and plant 164 million trees to increase the green area of 1,640,000 rai.
Phase 3

Within December 5, 2027, campaign and plant trees to complete the project target, totaling 984 million trees for increasing the green area to the full 10 million rai, including monitoring and evaluating the project activities for maximum effectiveness.

  The operations in 2017 and 2018 are divided into the following sections:

Part 1 Prepare, procure and purchase plant seedlings and trees according to the type and species selected to be planted in the amount of 164,000,000 trees for an amount of 4,756,000,000 baht.
Part 2 Expenses for maintenance and planting so that new seedlings or trees are planted strong and growth in the amount of 959.4 million baht.
Part 3 Expenses for the preparation of fertilizers and other equipment in the amount of

475,600,000 baht.

Part 4 Expenses for preparing various documents and public relations activities in the project in the amount of

105 million baht.

Part 5 Expenses for preparing documents for training including training fee of personnel or staff in the operation project activities in the amount of 80,000,000 baht.
Part 6 Evaluation monitoring fee in the amount of

30,000,000 baht.

Part 7 Miscellaneous expenses in the amount of 20,000,000 baht.

Total expenses of 7 parts is 6,426,000,000 baht. (Six thousand four hundred twenty-six million baht only)


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