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โครงการการศึกษาสีเขียว สู่มาตรฐานสากลอาเซี่ยน 2016(Green Education Project for ASEAN Community 2016)
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Video of Green Country Project 
Video Events of Green Country Project
Reforestation Activity Phitsanulok
 Reforestation Activity Phitsanulok  
“Benze” Miss. Pornchita Na Songkla with Green Country Project
Join together for the afforesting to stop global warming.
Join together to stop global warming and create green country
Video of 108 IDEA program (Channel 7)
3 kinds of the afforesting give 4 kinds of benefit.
The environmental benefits of “Payakocharach Tree
Video of Green Country Project
The conservation of soil and water
The advantage of microorganisms for the agriculture and the environment
“Payakocharach Tree” The fast-growing trees help to create the revenue
The afforesting for the conservation of the environment and the utility
Video of 7 million tricks program (Channel 7)
Afforest to create the nation
Furniture from scrap wood, reduce the waste and global warming
Economic wood for business, domestic wood
The demand of the wood to decorate the restaurant
The demand of economic wood for the export
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