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โครงการการศึกษาสีเขียว สู่มาตรฐานสากลอาเซี่ยน 2016(Green Education Project for ASEAN Community 2016)
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The concept of Green Country Project

The concept of Green Country Project

     In order to meet the royal speech of HM The King Bhumibol Adulyadej and HM The Queen Sirikit,
as well as a sense of feeling in divine grace that the king and the queen had made a royal duties in
the agriculture and environment to the Thai populace ever since. And also be His Excellency Celebration
for the king on the auspicious occasion of 80th birthday on December 5, 2550 B.E. and will complete
the age of 84 years old on December 5, 2554 B.E.

    Mr. Pongsaran Sunsuwansri who is the Former vice-president of Din Dee Nam Sai Foundation of Thailand had
initiated for the establishment of “Green Country Project” on December 5, 2551 B.E. to campaign to
the public in Thailand and countries around the world to plant the trees together such as the fast-growing
perennial plants and all kinds of perennial plants, including renewable energy plants in the amount
of 984,000,000 trees for reducing global warming and, turn to take care of the nature too.
The microorganisms that used in agriculture instead of using chemical fertilizers, and the microorganisms
that used for wastewater treatment for industrial and canal which will help the water clean that will result
in the environment improvement.

Global warming and environmental pollution is the urgent international problem that requires the cooperation
from all countries around the world to solve that problem seriously. Because of the world could not be
ventilated into the atmosphere then, the global temperature is higher. The world is covered by Greenhouse
Effect that is much more than the balance of nature. It all was caused by the human activities, whether using
the fuel (petroleum, gas and coal), burning the forest and the dead plants after the harvest, the heaped garbage,
the livestock (the wet manure at the pond of the system of large livestock), burning various fuels, the wastewater
treatment, and in other industries such as using of chemical fertilizer, using the product of cement and other
industrial activities. These activities cause many changes such as; the sea level is high, the water temperature in
the ocean is increased, the glaciers and the polar ice is melted, the weather conditions is wavy severely, and
various catastrophes that had already revealed around the world.

     In Thailand, we are fortunate to have The King and The Queen who care and, pay the attention in global warming,
the forest and the conservation of natural resource consistently. As we have seen from various royal projects that
HM The King had intended to find the way to increase the forest, to help the nature, both of soil, water, weather and,
contribute to the human steady and sustainable by means of a simple and economical way. That is

3 kinds of the afforesting give 4 kinds of the benefit.
3 kinds of the trees planting are
• Wood to use as a fuel
• Wood for the consumption (fruit)
• Economic wood
give 4 kinds of the benefit
• Have the wood to utilize
• Have the products to eat
• Have the wood to use for economy
• Get the conservation system of soil and water
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